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GitHub — vanowm/FirefoxCookiesManagerPlus: Cookies Manager+ for Firefox

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Here’s a list of 5 cookie manager addons which you can use to manage website cookies more effectively. Cookies are tools with which websites keep track of our online activity and that’s why it makes a lot of sense to keep them under control at all times. Addons which we’re about to mention can help you do just that.

Let’s see what cookie manager addons are available for your Firefox browser.

Cookie Monster


Cookie Monster gives you access to all the important settings and options for managing cookies that a particular website leaves on the computer.

As you can see from the image above, you get to view active cookies for the currently open website, manage third party cookies, current cookie permissions and most importantly you get to manage cookie access, decide if cookies will even be able to be created by the websites that you visit.

Get Cookie Monster.

Cookie Controller


Cookie Controller gives you options for managing cookies to the Firefox toolbar, so that you can quickly access cookie permissions, turn on the cookie blocker, remove all existing cookies and more.

After installing the addon, you’re gonna have to add buttons to the toolbar for the various functions that the addon offers, see image above. Once that the buttons are in the toolbar the only thing that you have to do is click on the button, to for example clean all cookies.

Get Cookie Controller.

Cookies Manager+


Cookies Manager+ is an upgraded version of the built-in cookie manager that comes with Firefox by default.

It has a much cleaner interface, better per domain cookie grouping, information about cookies are laid out better, and so on. Of course you get to remove cookies, multiple cookies at once or add cookies of your own for testing purposes.

Get Cookies Manager+.

Advanced Cookie Manager


Advanced Cookie Manager is true to its name in that it’s one of the most advanced cookie managers that we’ve ever come across.

Interface is riddled with options and features. Column all the way to the left holds a list of domains and when you select a domain all the cookies for that domain are gonna be showed in the “Cookies” column. Cookies can be deleted, exported, their detailed information showed and you can even see cookie monitoring, to track in real time cookie behavior.

Get Advanced Cookie Manager.

View Cookies


View Cookies adds a new tab to the Page Info window, the one that you can access from Tools >> Page Info.

It will give you a bit more advanced overview of the currently active cookies for the website who’s info you’re accessing and it lets you manage them. Cookie management is nothing too advanced, they can only be deleted either individually or all at once.

Get View Cookies.


Our pick basically boils down to two apps, Cookie Manager+ and Advanced Cookie Manager. Use Cookie Manager+ if you’re in need of a slightly more advanced cookie manager than the default one that comes with Firefox. Use Advanced Cookie Manager if you need full control over cookies and all the advanced cookie management features that it has.

This Firefox extension was originally based on abandoned Add N Edit Cookies v0.2.1.3 by goodwill. **This version has the following new features compared to the original:

  • total replacement for built-in cookie viewer (optional)
  • ability change domain, path and name of a cookie
  • ability edit multiple cookies at once
  • ability save as new or replace original cookie when domain, path or name changed
  • option for automatic monitoring cookies changes and updates information in the cookies list
  • option for automatically display filter results while typing
  • customize what kind of cookie information you want to see, re-order, show/hide info fields and columns
  • export cookie information into clipboard or a file with use of customizable templates
  • backup/restore all, filtered by search keyword or only selected cookies. It can be done via File manu or by simply drag’n drop selected cookies into file manager to backup or from file manager into CM+ window to restore
  • ability manually change expiration date directly at «expire» field, no more need select «new date»
  • «Add cookie» window automatically fills out domain and path fields based of selected cookie (if any)
  • pressing ESC key will close window
  • when selected a cookie and pressed ENTER will open edit cookie window, if pressed DEL will delete cookie
  • clicking on «Cookies Manager+» button/menu option will bring already opened window to the front.
  • window title is different when edit cookie or add new
  • most information fields are also available as list columns
  • sorting by any available data
  • ability make window stay on top of all other FF windows (Windows only)
  • displays extra information about cookies, such as when it was created and last accessed
  • accessible-friendly (all thanks goes to Jonathan Ely for feedback and testing). Every feature is keyboard accessible and 95% working with JAWS screen reader (it seems it ignores labels on some dropdown menus)
  • automatically delete expired cookies
  • backup/restore settings into a file

Once installed, go to Tools -> Cookies Manager+. Alternatively you can add «Cookies Manager+» button in a toolbar.

To do list: — remove popup windows — combine cookies with the same host into groups, just like the default cookie manager has. Until then leave the built-in manager intact and allow user chose if they want use CM+ instead of built-in (will be added in v1.1) — add help section

This Cookie Manager allows you to quickly view and edit specific cookies. It is designed to be compatible with Chrome, Firefox and Firefox for Android.

By default, the Cookie Manager opens when the extension starts up. This allows you to keep the extension disabled until you need it.

You can also turn off the automatic opening, and manually open the cookie manager by clicking on the extension button in the toolbar (desktop) or the Cookie Manager menu item (Firefox for Android 55+).

Cookie Manager is created by Rob Wu rob@robwu.nl (https://robwu.nl/). If you have suggestions or questions, open an issue at https://github.com/Rob—W/cookie-manager/issues or send me a mail.

  • Viewing all cookies
  • Querying cookies by any combination of url, domain, path, cookie content (name/value), httpOnly/secure/sameSite/session flags, expiration time range.
  • Recognizes cookie jars (default, private browsing mode, container tabs aka userContext).
  • Allows you to remove individual cookies, or all matching cookies with one click.
  • Supports Firefox for Android (Fennec)
  • Supports the TOR Browser (and first-party domain cookies)
  • Add cookies
  • Edit cookies
  • Import / export cookies
    • JSON format for backup and restoration purposes.
    • Netscape HTTP Cookie File format for use with other tools like curl and wget.

The Cookie Manager has a search form that allows you to filter on every possible cookie field or flag. Only non-empty filters are used in the query. Wildcards (*) can be used in each filter to match any text.

The list of results is not automatically updated. The «Search» button needs to be clicked again to refresh the list of cookies.

Currently the UI is optimized for use on mobile, and support for keyboard shortcuts is limited to the rows in the result table:

  • Arrow up Focus the previous cookie row.
    • Shift + Arrow up Focus the previous cookie row and extend the current selection (or lack thereof) to that row. This shortcut is ignored when text has been selected.
    • Page up and Home are also supported.
  • Arrow down Focus the next cookie row.
    • Shift + Arrow down Focus the next cookie row and extend the current selection (or lack thereof) to that row. This shortcut is ignored when text has been selected.
    • Page down and End are also supported.
  • Spacebar Toggle selection of the focused row.
  • Delete Remove the focused cookie.

The Cookie Manager is optimized for the use case of selecting many cookies and then removing them. Being able to quickly select specific cookies is important, so there are multiple ways to select cookies.

Individual cookies can be added or removed from the selection by clicking on a cookie row. All results can be selected by one click on the «Select all» button.

When you select text in the results with a mouse, and the text selection contains two or more cookies, then two buttons appear near the mouse pointer:

  • «Select n rows» — adds the cookie rows to the cookie selection.
  • «Invert selection» — toggles the cookie selection of the cookie rows.

Click on a cookie and use arrow up/down to go to the previous/next cookie row. Press spacebar to toggle the selection.

You can also hold Shift pressed and then press the arrow up/down key to quickly select consecutive rows (or unselect, if the initial row was unselected).

After doing this, the «Select all» button is replaced with «Select visible».

Because mobile devices do usually not have a physical keyboard or mouse, this button is usually the fastest way to process a large number of cookies.

No special notes. I haven’t published the extension to the Chrome Web Store.

Install from: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/a-cookie-manager

No known bugs or limitations.

The cookies API in Firefox has several bugs that makes it unsuitable for modifying (private) cookies. In these cases, after a prompt, the extension will work around the bugs by initiating a request to the sites of the cookies, and modify the cookies when the server sends any response (and abort the request as soon as possible). If the server is unreachable, the cookie cannot be modified.

As of Firefox 56, no work-arounds are needed when the browser runs with the default settings.

When First Party Isolation is enabled (this is the case in the TOR Browser), the work-around is needed, until https://bugzil.la/1381197 is fixed.

And until https://bugzil.la/1381197 is fixed, a «NID» cookie for the google.com is hidden from the cookie manager. This is because the cookie is in a cookie jar used for Safebrowsing, and this jar is completely isolated from the rest of the browser, including extensions (https://bugzil.la/1362834).

To edit private browsing cookies, the cookie manager must be opened in a private browsing window. If you try to edit a private browsing cookie of a site on the Tracking protection blocklist, then you must temporarily disable Tracking protection, via the «Tracking protection» checkbox at Settings > Privacy (or open a new tab in a private browsing window and flip the «Tracking Protection» switch at the bottom).

Install from: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/a-cookie-manager

There are no known bugs for the default use case.

To edit private browsing cookies, the cookie manager must be opened in a private browsing tab (select the URL in the location bar, open an incognito tab, paste the URL and go). If you try to edit a private browsing cookie of a site on the Tracking protection blocklist, then you must temporarily disable Tracking protection, via the «Tracking protection» checkbox at Settings > Privacy.

There Cookie Manager cannot be opened via the menu (https://bugzil.la/1331742).

The Cookie manager cannot be opened upon start-up. Tap on the icon in the address bar to open the cookie manager. Due to a bug in Firefox this icon is very small, unfortunately.


Используемые источники:

  • https://www.ilovefreesoftware.com/15/featured/cookie-manager-addons-for-mozilla-firefox.html
  • https://github.com/vanowm/firefoxcookiesmanagerplus
  • https://github.com/rob—w/cookie-manager

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