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uBlock Origin версия 1.24.2

pronounced you-block origin (/ˈjuːˌblɒk/) — you decide what enters your browser. languageicon-36.png English, Chinese (中文), Korean (한국어), Português (Brasil)BEWARE! uBlock Origin is (and has always been) COMPLETELY UNRELATED to the web site ublock.org.

An efficient blocker add-on for various browsers. Fast, potent, and lean.

uBlock Origin is NOT an «ad blocker»: it is a wide-spectrum blocker — which happens to be able to function as a mere «ad blocker». The default behavior of uBlock Origin when newly installed is to block ads, trackers and malware sites — through EasyList, EasyPrivacy, Peter Lowe’s ad/tracking/malware servers, various lists of malwaresites, and uBlock Origin’s own filter lists.

Basic mode Advanced-user mode
Popup user interface A point-and-click firewall which can be configured on a per-site basis

Visit the uBlock Origin’s wiki for documentation.

For support/questions/help, there is /r/uBlockOrigin on Reddit.

uBlock Origin (or uBlock₀) is not an ad blocker; it’s a general-purpose blocker. uBlock Origin blocks ads through its support of the Adblock Plus filter syntax. uBlock Origin extends the syntax and is designed to work with custom rules and filters. Furthermore, advanced mode allows uBlock Origin to work in default-deny mode, which mode will cause all 3rd-party network requests to be blocked by default, unless allowed by the user.

That said, it’s important to note that using a blocker is NOTtheft. Don’t fall for this creepy idea. The ultimate logical consequence of blocking = theft is the criminalisation of the inalienable right to privacy.

Ads, «unintrusive» or not, are just the visible portions of privacy-invading apparatus entering your browser when you visit most sites nowadays. uBlock Origin’s main goal is to help users neutralize such privacy-invading apparatus — in a way that welcomes those users who don’t wish to use more technical, involved means (such as uMatrix).

EasyList, Peter Lowe’s Adservers, EasyPrivacy and Malware domains are enabled by default when you install uBlock Origin. Many more lists are readily available to block trackers, analytics, and more. Hosts files are also supported.

Once you install uBlock Origin, you may easily un-select any of the pre-selected filter lists if you think uBlock Origin blocks too much. For reference, Adblock Plus installs with only EasyList enabled by default.

Feel free to read about the extension’s required permissions.

You can install the latest version manually, from the Chrome Web Store, or from the Opera add-ons.

There is also a development version in the Chrome Web Store if you want to test uBlock Origin with the latest changes: see uBlock Origin dev build.

It is expected that uBlock Origin is compatible with any Chromium-based browsers.

Firefox Add-ons web site.

There is also a development version if you want to test uBlock Origin with the latest changes: for installation, see Install / Firefox webext / For beta version

uBlock Origin is compatible with SeaMonkey, Pale Moon, and possibly other browsers based on Firefox: for installation, see Install / Firefox legacy.

uBO mat also be installable as a Debian package:

  • Firefox 56-: apt-get install xul-ext-ublock-origin
  • Firefox 55+: apt-get install webext-ublock-origin

There is no guarantee the package will be available on your specific platform — in which case, you will have to install from Firefox Add-ons web site.

Developer: @nikrolls.

Chromium-based Edge: Stable version available in Microsoft Edge Insider Addons.

Legacy Edge: Stable version available in Microsoft Store.

Development version available at https://github.com/nikrolls/uBlock-Edge#edge.

Note that issues specific to the Edge fork are the responsibility of the current maintainer, I have no control over the code base of the fork.

Developer: @el1t.

Development version available at https://github.com/el1t/uBlock-Safari#ublock-originfor-safari.

Warning: It is not possible for extensions like uBlock Origin to work with Safari 13+. See https://github.com/el1t/uBlock-Safari/issues/158.

Note that issues specific to the Safari fork are the responsibility of the current maintainer, I have no control over the code base of the fork.

To benefit from uBlock Origin’s higher efficiency, it’s advised that you don’t use other inefficient blockers at the same time (such as AdBlock or Adblock Plus). uBlock Origin will do as well or better than most popular ad blockers. Other blockers can also prevent uBlock Origin’s privacy or anti-blocker features from working properly.

Below is documentation to assist administrators in deploying uBlock Origin:

  • Deploying uBlock Origin
    • Firefox: Deploying uBlock Origin for Firefox with CCK2 and Group Policy (external)
    • Google Chrome: Managing Google Chrome with adblocking and security (external)

See the releases pages for a history of releases and highlights for each release.

uBlock Origin’s manifesto.

Free. Open source. For users by users. No donations sought.

Without the preset lists of filters, this extension is nothing. So if ever you really do want to contribute something, think about the people working hard to maintain the filter lists you are using, which were made available to use by all for free.

You can contribute by helping translate uBlock Origin on Crowdin.


от 23 ноября 2019

uBlock Origin (Блокировщик Рекламы) – это бесплатное расширение для блокировки рекламы в Интернете, устанавливаемое в браузерах. ПО позволяет блокировать рекламные объявления, вирусы и всплывающие баннеры, которые нередко открываются на тех или иных страницах. Расширение поддерживается большинством современных браузеров, она фильтрует информацию на страницах в соответствии с настройками пользователя. Внутри встроен механизм для подключения фильтров программы.

Работа приложения позволяет улучшить скорость Интернет-соединения, благодаря устранению рекламных окон. Наличие расширения улучшает работу браузера, делает ее более продуктивной, так как непонятная реклама больше не закрывает основной контент. Простой и понятный интерфейс приложения позволяет без труда запускать его в Chrome, Mozilla или Safari. Пользователь может создать отдельный список запрещенных или разрешенных ресурсов.

Основные характеристики uBlock Origin

  • фильтрация рекламы и спама;
  • устранение всплывающих окон;
  • настраиваемые фильтры;
  • широкие настройки по желанию пользователя;
  • блокировка отдельных элементов на странице;
  • наличие белого списка ресурсов;
  • быстродействие браузеров;
  • просмотр количества заблокированных сайтов и элементов;
  • ведение полной статистики приложения;
  • наличие краткой информации об использовании данного модуля;
  • поддержка браузеров Chrome, Firefox, Opera и Яндекс Браузер;
  • множество инструментов для настройки;
  • блокировка взрослого контента;
  • фильтрация видеорекламы;
  • работа в фоновом режиме;
  • оптимизация работы ПО;
  • ускорение загрузки страниц;
  • встроенный анти-трекер.

Достоинства и недостатки uBlock Origin

К достоинствам программы можно отнести

  1. Работа с большинством браузеров.
  2. Бесплатное использование.
  3. Возможность настройки индивидуальных фильтров.
  4. Корректная работа без сбоев и ошибок.
  5. Простая и быстрая установка.
  6. Поддержка любой операционной системы.

К недостаткам программы можно отнести

  1. Отсутствие рабочей версии для браузера Safari.
  2. В редких случаях не блокирует рекламу Яндекс Директ.


uBlock Origin – это популярный блокировщик рекламы который наряду с такими известными как AdBlock Plus или Adguard отлично справляется с назойливой рекламой. Он меньше использует оперативной памяти и практически не нагружает ЦП, при использовании намного большего количества фильтров по сравнению с другими блокировщиками.


Автор прекратил разработку расширения для Safari из-за политики компании в отношении блокировщиков рекламы. И предложил пользователям перейти на Firefox для Mac где все нормально работает.

Скачать uBlock Origin вы можете по ссылке ниже. of your page —>

Raymond Hill
1.24.2 от 23.11.2019
Windows / Mac / Linux
Русский, Английский и другие
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Блокировка рекламы
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Supported platforms:

How to Block Ads

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The Threat of a Cyber Attack

uBlock is the ideal ad blocker for stopping unwanted ads and speeding up your browsing experience. uBlock will block annoying ads, obnoxious video ads, and intrusive trackers. It also functions as a pop up blocker and helps protect against some forms of malware. If you’re looking for an ad blocker to remove ads from your Internet experience and help improve your overall online security, then uBlock is the tool for you. Read More

One of the original ad blockers and one of the most popular tools for blocking ads, uBlock can be found for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and for your Mac computer. We stay up-to-date with the latest online advertising ad formats and techniques to ensure that we continue to block ads and stay a step ahead of sites that use trackers and adware to follow your around online. uBlock ad blocker is constantly working to make your browsing experience as painless and safe as possible.

If you’re looking for a simple, effective advertisement blocker, look no further. uBlock is easy to install and even easier to use. So even if you’re not very tech-savvy you can get it set up in no time. Just follow our easy-to-understand uBlock Guide and start browsing adfree in minutes. The best uBlock feature is the fact that it’s completely free. Just install, configure, and go.

Используемые источники:

  • https://github.com/gorhill/ublock
  • https://softdaily.ru/ublock-origin/
  • https://ublock.org/

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